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I too have a T61p with 4GB having graphics issues

2007-12-19, 17:17 PM

As many others have posted in similar forums (http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?t=47755), I too have issues running graphics-intensive apps on a T61p with 4GB and Vista 64.

I have tried the new BIOS that supposedly helps - I think it helps a little bit but trying the Crysis demo crashes the system, Bioshock crashes...

The system does get very hot and the fan runs like crazy, which is to be expected. But this kind of instability is not a good sign for the best laptop Lenovo makes.

I have tried with all Lenovo drivers, with just the ones that are blessed by Microsoft update... the results are the same.

Since so many with 4GB are experiencing issues (the issues disappear when removing 1 DIMM it seems), is there an official stance and recourse?


Dimitris Krekoukias


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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 17:26 PM
Could everyone on this thread, and those working it on TPF help refine and confirm the failure symptoms?
Please confirm the description the failure symptoms - so far, we have heard:
(1) The machine turning off
(2) The game freezing up and spitting out graphic artifacts on the screen.   
For those that experience the shut down:
    • Does the shut down occur in all games (and other apps like 3Dmark, burn in, PC Doctor 5) or specific ones?
    • If you have the shut down symptom, try going into the BIOS and selecting single core operation.
    • To disable multicore processing go into BIOS - Config - CPU - Core Multi-processing and change from Enabled to Disabled.
    • Re-run the game or application as single core and note the result.

For those that don't have shut downs, but have screen freezes, or crashes with graphic artifacts, could you confirm the memory combination being used?

    • 1 or 2 pieces of memory (I believe the consensus is that things work well with 1 memory module, but almost alyways not  2)
    • If 2 pieces of memory , are they the same size 1 + 1 or 2+ 2 or are they mixed 1+ 2 , 2+1
    • If 2 pieces are they same manufacturer?  Please list the manufacturer(s)
    • Do the modules have 1 or 2 rows of chips on each side of the module (I believe this is being referred to here as single vs double stacked memory.

Is there another failure scenario outside these?   I realize this sounds fairly basic given the pages of discussion online, but  verifying these things should help to isolate the variables here - which symptoms go with which set of conditions exclusively.

Thanks for the help !


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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 17:44 PM
Hello Mark,
I am using now the new BIOS 2.07/1.08 and the latest NVIDIA graphics driver provided through the Microsoft/Windows Upload (156.85)
I am using a matched 2+2 GB single stacked memory modules from Patriot (PSD24G66SK).
Before the update I think I was experiencing a lot more system freezing up and BSODs than 'the graphics device driver stopped responding' and the Vista 32 bit OS recovered.
After the update so far it seems the opposite is true.
Going to single core does not resolve the issue.
Going to a single memory module (used in slot 0) *does* resolve the issue (well, I can't make it happen although I didn't play for *many* hours at a time!).
The 3D app I am using is 'Pirates of Caribbean Online'. Sometimes it takes an hour to trigger the problem, some other times it happens after few minutes in... this seems somehow to rule out overheating.
many thanks for continuing the investigation

Message Edited by abarbieri on 12-19-2007 09:58 AM
T61p - 15.4" - T7700 - FX 570M 256MB - 4GB RAM - ST916023AS - 4965AGN - BT - FPR - 9 cell - Vista Ult. x86
T21p - 14" - PIII 850MHz - S3 Savage/IX 8MB - 512MB RAM - 100GB 7200rpm - WinXP x86

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 17:54 PM
I submitted another entry (plut there's tons more at http://forum.thinkpads.com/viewtopic.php?t=47755).

With the new BIOS Crysis hangs eventually but the system doesn't BSOD any longer, it tells me the graphics driver has stopped responding or that the app has stopped.

So the new BIOS is a step in the right direction but not all the way.

Is there an app to manually make the GFX card fans spin at max plus the main fan spin at max? For Vista 64-bit?




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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 18:16 PM
Hi Mark;
I have installed the lastest BIOS update from Lenovo Version 2.07, am running XP Professional SP2 with the standard Lenovo provided graphics drivers.  2 GIG of RAM, haven't opened my case so I don't know the configuration but I am fairly certiain it is 1+1.
I have a few different faults depending on the game I am trying to play, both Bioshock Demo and Oblivion freeze with no artifacts, the sound starts studdering and if I do a clt-alt-del soon enough I can prevent the graphics driver from crashing.  If I leave the game and ctr-alt-del the graphics driver shows that it crashed and I am stuck in 640x480 mode until I reboot.
I noticed with the bios update I could play bioshock for a little while longer than previously, but saw no change with Oblivion.

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 19:48 PM
I thought I should update my case here. Lenovo sent me a new mobo last friday and today someone came over to my office and replaced it for me. From the initial tests that I have done, It looks like everything is working fine now, no more crashes, shut down or BSOD.
Before the mobo replacement, I was running BIOS 2.07, 4G double stacked Samsung RAM that came with the machine. Graphic driver from windows update.
After the replacement, nothing was changed, the same memory and the same software package. I did a BIOS flash after the mobo swap to get it up to 2.07 version. But it was running fine even before I updated the BIOS.
To answer Mark's question and hope everyone else will have this problem fixed. My problem was:
It crashes on any 3D heavy applications not just isolated one or two programs. 3dmark06 is the fastest. When running 3dmark06, it will power off by itself, or if I was lucky enough, it will crash back to desktop with error message saying "video driver stop responding and recovered". Even if I was running the same application, I can't predict whether it will power off or crash back to desktop because it can be either one. Sometimes C&C3 causes the power off, but most of the time it will just crash back to desktop.  
Had a BSOD 3 times, one with error message " memory parity error", the other two with a error code pointing to graphic card.
Yes, sometimes I can see artifacts on screen before it does its nasty thing.
Could this be graphic card related since it is fused with the mother board? By replacing the mother board, we are actually replacing the graphic chips. Just a wild guess. But no one seems to pointing the finger to the video cards. Again, I'm a hardware noobs and I will let the experts decide what's the cause.
This is not memory related as many have guessed. I'm using the original RAM and it works fine now.
T61P/7800 2.6G/4G RAM/NV Quadro FX 570M/160G 7200 rpm/WSXGA+/Intel Turbo Memory/Intel Wireless AGN/Vista Ultimate

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 19:49 PM
FYI, I am not seeing these problems, but am running Intel Turbomem drivers 1013, and Vista x64. 2.4ghz, and 4GBRAM. What I DO see is that in certain games, I'll get the nvdlkrm driver has encountered an error and restarted succesfully...and the game will crash. I'm also running Vista x64 SP1 RC, which greatly improved stability.

Is anyone experienceing the problem running with Vista x64? and/or Turbomemory enabled?

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 20:59 PM
Hi Guys,
got my brand new T61P yesterday - production date is in december 07. System is up to date (BIOS,Drivers,Thinkvantage).
My Specs:
4 GB RAM (2x2GB original Lenovo)
First of all this is some impressive hardware!!! So much more I must say I am very disapointed about this video problem, which also applies to me.
In first case I would like to use this laptop for work. That's also where the problems started. I like the new vista feature dreamscene. Whenever I chose a Dreamscene background theme the TP just turns off after 30 seconds.
Tonight I tried to play ETQW - and guess what - same thing. After 30 sec. the TP just powered down.
I tried all the suggested workarounds in this thread - no luck.
Tomorrow I am gonna call Lenovo - as much as this is a great Laptop, for 2000 € I want a 100% working machine. Removing 2 GB is no choice for me as I will switch to 64 bit as soon as my software I use for work will support vista 64.
Lenovo, please get a fix. This might be a business machine and not designed for gamers, but as long as standard 3D Windows Vista features as Dreamscene even don't work... That problem is a no-go!!!
Cheers, all will be good in the end.

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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-19, 22:01 PM
T7300 BIOS 2.07 Memory 2*2gb HDD160 FX570M

this is link for memory
Brand Transcend 
Model TS256MSQ64V6U 
Type 200-Pin DDR2 SO-DIMM 
Tech Spec
Capacity 2GB 
Speed DDR2 667 (PC2 5300) 
Cas Latency 5 
Voltage 1.8V ± 0.1V 
Buffered/Registered Unbuffered 
Heat Spreader No 

Windows Xp Test with CrySIS, Warcraft III, C&C3, 3DMark06, burn-in and pc-doctor
- all game crash, windows stop , 3d stop but sound in game still running.
- 3DMark06 pass
- burn-in pass
- pc-doctor pass

Windows VISTA 64Bits Ultimate Test with CrySIS, Warcraft III, C&C3, 3DMark06, burn-in and pc-doctor
- CrySIS made Windows restart sometime power off. (but if ran in -dx9 and mod driver everything smooth)
- other game not crash, but system say video not responsding.
- 3DMark06 pass.
- burn-in pass
- pc-doctor pass

all test with original lenovo video drivers and mod from laptopvideo2go.com


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Re: T61P Graphic problems--random shut down, BSOD, Crash

2007-12-20, 3:07 AM

I have this configuration T7500 2x1GB ram Hynix, FX 570M 256MB and runs well but intensive 3D applications like Crysis demo.

The machine was shipped to the US on 2007-10-26 and I received it in Romania on 2007-11-06. Initially I run my favorite old games, Unreal Tournament 2004 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein, without any problems under Vista 32 and XP, both clean installs. Finally I decided to stay with XP Pro.

At a point I have noticed that sometimes, after booting Yahoo messenger and IE6 gave an error and after some trials start well. A few minutes ago, I have managed to catch the error report for IE crash ...
      CPU Vendor Code: 756E6547 - 49656E69 - 6C65746E
      CPU Version: 000006FB CPU Feature Code: BFEBFBFF
      CPU AMD Feature Code: 00FEE824
      (please notice that it stated that I have an AMD feature here)
It is nothing wrong with my installation because everything is ok, including 3d gaming, if I put my HD in other t61p.

I was able to run Crysis after considerable efforts ... see my post in this thread. I have run tests like memtest86 (for 6 hours), 3DMark06, PC Doctor 5 and everything looks ok.

The only workout was to remove one RAM module. Now, with BIOS 2.07 I played Crysis demo until the end without any problems with both RAM modules and with one core only. So, one core or one ram module solve the issue.

Mark, it seems you have split the issue in two kind of failures, each with its own "partial" solution. Well, my machine never turned off, only one BSOD but it freeze up and spits out graphic artifacts on the screen... and both solutions worked. BTW, the memories are original Lenovo, 2x1GB, Hynix (1GB 2RX8 PC2-5300S-555-12)

It is clear that the graphic card is nothing to do with the issue. The processor or the memory controller fails when abused by the 3D applications.

Thanks all for trying to solve the T61p problem but frankly this machine must be considered the first OSH (Open Source Hardware).

Message Edited by Florian on 12-20-2007 05:22 AM
W520 | i7-2720QM | NV Quadro 2000M
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