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Turbo Memory: What's the right size & file format for the associated NVCACHE or IMD-0 disk?

2008-02-25, 22:51 PM
Hello everyone,
Can anyone help? I simply have not been able to find any clear documentation on the Intel or Windows sites. I'm hoping someone at Lenovo, or a reader, knows more about the hardware options they're selling. 
This question concerns the relationship between the Robson Turbo Memory NAND chip and the NVCACHE or IMD-0 disk that shows up under Vista's Disk Management.
This is a T61p, and the Turbo Memory controller under the Start Menu says it's 1GB. However, the IMD-0 or NVCACHE disk that shows up under Disk Management is currently at 513MB. Why is that?
Also, I'm dual-booting, and that raises questions: Is this the kind of NAND that can work with two OSes, or is only one OS going to be able to use it?
Currently, under one OS, it's called IMD-0 and listed as "unallocated" space. Under another OS it's called NVCACHE and listed as a FAT32 partition.
What happens if you reformat the unallocated space to FAT32? Does the OS that already says it's a FAT32 partition lose use of the chip? Would the OS that's DOING the reformatting even know it's a NAND cache after reformatting, and begin using it?
What if you assign a drive letter to this drive? Does that bewilder the OS? (Or just me?)
Finally, in the future, is there a 3rd party support forum you guys recommend that I take Intel-related questions to for faster response?
Thanks for your assistance with this.

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Re: Turbo Memory: What's the right size & file format for the associated NVCACHE or IMD-0 disk?

2008-03-05, 8:59 AM
From what I understand of Intel Turbo Cache, the 1GB part is split in half, with one portion allocated for ReadyDrive and the other for ReadyBoost.
Aryeh Goretsky

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