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Paper Tape
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380Z booting from cd-rom

So I just recently got this thinkpad for free for kicks, got the manufacturers maintenance guide and learned how to low level format on the bios screen/Easy-Start. Did that, and was going to install win98. Cause it had windows 95 previous, but when I went to turn it on again it says no operating system detected and won't read discs or nothing, so shut it off. Turn on again, go to bios/ ES and try to click on start up, but it gives a high beep , then two lower beeps. I can't get on it, so I don't know how to get to Installing win98. Any help anyone?
Paper Tape
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Re: 380Z booting from cd-rom

the only way to install windows 98 on that machine is with the  floopy drive and a windows 98 start up disk.

once you start up the computer,  you can partition and format the drive with the fdisk and format dos commands.

to  load windows requires you to have the  98 disk in the  cd rom drive .  as a alternative,  you can  partition and

format the hard drive in the 380z,  and then install the hard drive in another computer as a slave,   and copy all the files from a windows 98 cd rom,  AND any drivers  needed

(from the lenovo web site)  then just re-install the hard drive in the 380z, and  start up the computer with the start up disk.

load windows normally by going to the c\:windows\setup files.

(remember to go into the bios setup,  and specify to boot from floppy).  also, the 380z has a limit on hard drive sizes. 

it will ONLY recignise the first 8 gigs of any disk you put in it,  and if you want to utilize the rest of the disk,  you must use windows xp,  makeing  the main/boot partition 8 gigs or what ever the fdisk allows,  and then create another partition in windows xp to recover the rest of the drive.

if you use 98,  the rest of the disk will never be able to be utilized.  (boot partitions use bios to configure,  xp uses a boot maneger and can overcome the bios limitation)  using xp also requires the newest bios update, and a 128 meg edo so-dimm memory module  (made by kingston,  along with  several other vendors,  (but never by ibm).  without the update,  the sound wont work.  without the memory ,  it will be un-usably slow.  good luck.   i had a 380z,  and used it for  4 years befor retiring it for a 600x.  it ran xp quite well,  and i even installed a dvd combo drive in it,  along with a  margi dvd-to-go  mpeg card  to watch

dvd's.   adrian

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