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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎05-16-2009
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A20m, powers up, screen say's IBM Thinkpad with the 2 options of F1 or F12, then does nothing!

My son attempted to help, format & reload my old laptop before giving to Grandma to replace her dead laptop.

This laptop had sat for a year, waiting to be g-mom's next back up, sure enough. It was time to call this A20m back to service again.

Upon turning on everything she powered up perfect, I removed a couple of programs.  Then figured I would just reload to new, reformat & reload. Until my son attempted to help me get it done before my 73 year old mom lost her mind from Pogo with drawl, lol.  

Now all my dependable A20 does is turn on & screen shows IBM thinkpad, with the F options just like normal.  If you push F12 it will changes screens & state "preparing boot device list" & F1 changes to " entering IBM BIOS setup utility & that is it, sounds as if it is working.   The only way to clear the process is turn it off. 


I have never had any issue with this system every.

I could use some help here Please.  My mom is confined to her home due to medical, this is her only means of entertainment.

I need this up & going soon or I will be forced to give up my T60 to her.  


Any and all help would be very helpful.