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A31p Randomly Cannot Read Hard Drive

I have an A31p, type 2653-R3U, that recently got a bit of an upgrade.  I installed a brand new WD Scorpio Blue Hard Drive and a GB of PC3200 DDR RAM, bringing me up to a total of 2 GB.  Everything was fine, for about a week, when out of the blue, my thinkpad wouldn't boot.  I would get the IBM splash screen, and then nothing but a blinking cursor.  I reinstalled windows, and got the same problem a few  days later.  I figured it was either a bad hard drive, or a bad hard drive controller.  However, I was able to replicate the problem in another machine - the only common denominator being the hard drive.  So I sent the hard drive back to WD, and got a brand new one back - only to have the same problem two nights later.  Couldn't boot.  Reinstalling Windows though, always rectifies the problem, albeit temporarily.


I'm not really sure why I have this problem.  There are only a few things that I seem like they could be a source of problem.  One is that because my XP disc is regular old vanilla XP circa 2001, I have to go and install SP2 after I install Windows, and then use partition magic to increase the hard drive to it's full 320 GB capacity.  The other thing I notice is that the probably always occurs after I install SP3.  I don't know why that would cause a problem...but the timing strikes me as fishy, though I've never had any problem going about installing Windows this way until now.  Also, when the the Thinkpad decides it can't boot of the WD drive anymore, I can still hook up the WD drive as a slave via the ultrabay hard drive caddy I have, and boot just fine off a different primary drive - and I can read the WD drive after XP loads just fine.


If there are any ideas as to what is, please let me know.  I am getting tired of reinstalling Windows, lol.

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