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Adding Bluetooth to a used T61- -is it possible?

Hello all,


I've got a 1.6 year old T61 I bought it bare bones and I'm wondering if it's possbile to now add bluetooth to it? If yes how do I go about that?  I'm thinking I'd need to add an antenea near the wireless yes?


If anyone can advise me on this it would be greatly apprreciated--


Thanks in advance! 

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Re: Adding Bluetooth to a used T61- -is it possible?

Why not just get a bluetooth USB adapter?
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Re: Adding Bluetooth to a used T61- -is it possible?

Possible, yes. Quite difficult (unless you're a trained laptop tech) as well.


Disassembling the complete LCD lid, routing the antennae, replacing the modem card with a BT one and putting everything back would pretty much describe what you're up against.


Good luck.



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