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Paper Tape
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Automatic Driver & BIOS Update

I have just brought my T60p back to it's original factory setup and need to update the drivers & BIOS to be current,  I have been unable to find the Lenovo link that gets this done automatically & I would greatly appreciate any help in that regard.  

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Retired Moderator
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Re: Automatic Driver & BIOS Update

Hi rhonig,

Welcome to the forum!

I think ThinkVantage System Update is what you are looking for:-

Hope it helps.


Maliha (I don't work for lenovo)
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Paper Tape
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Re: Automatic Driver & BIOS Update

Hi Maliha,


Worked like a charm... Many thanks!



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Automatic Driver & BIOS Update



I don't know if I should have created a new topic because Mahila's solution could answer my request.


My T61p system was originally delivered with Vista Ultimate 32 and I just added a second drive in the ultrabay slot to install XP Pro. I did it removing Vista drive before installing XP on the ultrabay drive to avoid any MBR update or mess. So I do choose OS for boot by pressing F12 key at every startup. As I installed XP from a retail product I purchased for that purpose, I got no ThinkVantage Technologies software and a lot of system components were not even recognized by Windows. Thus I miss a lot of drivers and in particular some APM or ACPI piece of software to get hibernation and sleep features. To complete the job, I would like to use a quite automated process instead of installing all updates manually, picking them up from Lenovo Web site.


Till now, I can run SP3 with IE8 and Windows Update has been working fine to achieve that. 


My question is: as my PC was delivered from factory with Vista installed, can I install ThinkVantage System Update 3.14 for XP and then launch it to complete all mandatory or useful updates? Should I use it in a particular way because my system reference (6457-5GG) could just refer to the Vista OS that was originally installed and Lenovo update server could be confused.


Thank you in advance for your support.


Kind regards from France


Please remember I am a French guy and that English is not my mother tongue! Anyway I'll do my best.
Blue Screen Again
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Re: Automatic Driver & BIOS Update

Why do I keep following the suggested link only to get nowhere.

I cannot find an automatic update of any kind, just a final list of all drivers and their release date.

When I tried the first one it came up with an error code.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Automatic Driver & BIOS Update

You need to install Lenovo System Update (latest version) and run it. It will find any updates that apply to your model, but it doesn't find all of them for every model so you want to make sure none of your items in device manager are lacking drivers, if so you'll need to install them manually.



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