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What's DOS?
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Backup and restore II

Hi. Sorry for the english.


I have a Z61t. From factory cames without any cd or dvd for recovery. This is a mistake.


I do all the backups, afortunately I do a manual backup of "My documents".

I need to restore de software from factory. When I try to do this, the soft rescue and recovery don't give me the option.

Maybe something happening with the rescue partition, i don't know. But I think... "I have de backups DVDs" OK  


 I have three DVD labeled "1C", other "Boot Disk" and other "Final C", like the software tell me sometime.


When I try to recover this DVDs something goes wrong, tell me "put the last dvd" or something else and tell "theres nothing to recover". There some software bug or something goes wrong when i do the dvds. I do everything the soft tell me.


I think that is a mistake to sell notebooks without the original cds or dvds.


My computers is out of waranty. In Argentine the notebooks are many expensive, this notebook costs about U$S 2000. Is not easy to buy them.


Im very sad about this. I download the drivers one by one, I install XP from other copy of windows, then the machine comes alive. About one week of work.


I have some uknown devices in the "system control panel". But works well after 6 months.


When I sell this machine, I think twice what brand I buy.




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