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Re: Bad sector?

i can say onething from all this since your is a new HDD you may get apprehensive over your HDD's you start using your pc ...bad sectors do tend to come into ur HDD because of disk usage and all.....but if urs is a new hdd and ur facing a problem with it try changing the brand of the hdd this time ...if the problem still persists it surely must be some kind of a false alarm....


but i still recomend that if ur perfomance monitor shows nothing in RED your HDD is fine!!



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Re: Bad sector?



when the hitachi tools and PC Doctor says there isn´t a problem, i think they are right and vista is faulty.

Google for problems with Vista and tcpip.sys you get lots of entries.

I would install vista and forget the problem and use your computer.






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Re: Bad sector?

Agotthelf and samavedam_vijay,


thank you guys for your continued support in this. I am also beginning to believe that there is nothing wrong with the hard drive itself, and that instead, the problem is in Vista. Still, I hope you understand my nervousness on this one; as you see, in my opinion hard disks in general have grown to be pretty good and reliable these days, so, if bad sectors are starting to appear on brand new disks, I think it's only natural to get a bit nervous about them Smiley Happy .


I found this technet discussion thread to be pretty enlightening:


The only difference here is that the participants do not mention any bad sectors. Maybe they just haven't checked Smiley Wink .


I hope Microsoft corrects this situation quickly as I would speculate this kind of thing is prone to cause all kinds of unnecessary hard drive replacements etc.



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