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I was booting my T60 when I got a blue screen; I tried many ways to fix this problem, but nothing worked. So I reformatted the hard disk (on another PC) and deleted the hidden parttion and I set the BIOs in compatibility mode. I then installed XP SP 2 with my XP disk. It began well, with  installator starting to write the XP files on the hd, but when the laptop rebooted, all I got was a dark screen (just the cursor).


If a freshly formatted harddrive won't install, and the previous OS wouldn't boot, this indicates a hardware problem.


You could either install a hard drive from a similar system to see if it boots, or get a Linux LiveCD and start your computer from it. If your hardware is working properly, you'll be able tor run it directly from the CD-Rom. If you can't boot the Linux operating system either, then you need to do some diagnostics on your system to figure out what has failed. 


One tip when setting up a system is installing Windows in two separate partitions so that if a similar problem occurs you can boot the other Windows installation to confirm if the problem is with the software or hardware.


In addition to testing the ThinkPad T60 by booting from a Linux Live CD, you might want to try the Linux-based Lenovo Bootable Diagnostics disc.  While it is actually designed to test newer ThinkPads than the T60, perhaps it will be able to examine the T60's hardware for errors.


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