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Bluetooth manager fails on Windows 2008 Server x64 bit

I'm trying to install Bluetooth on my T61 with Windows 2008 Server x64 bit - driver is installed correctly, so Bluetooth device is shown correctly in device manager. (I used this driver


But the problem with the actual Bluetooth managers to pair devices (this manager is required for the Windows Server, because  no Bluetooth connectivity tools are provided by the system and you can't pair devices on server so without special applications). Even the application installed, the manager crash when you start it.


I just got exception, that application crashed by specific address when I run Bluetooth manager from the Programs. I tried installation on the clean version of Windows Server, so there is no dependencies on installed apps.

Any workaround how to make Bluetooth manager to work on Windows Server?!

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Re: Bluetooth manager fails on Windows 2008 Server x64 bit

Did you just carve the driver files out of that package or did you get the full installer to succeed ?


Let me presume the answers to that question for moment and offer the following branches:


Carving out the driver may not have given you B/T manager either the MS version ( my preference) or the bloated Thinkpad Bluetooth Neighborhood.   Unless you plan to pair a Blackberry over B/T, the Lenovo version works fine but the MSI installer will puke on Server OS's and this was an issue we faced when trying to jam 2003 server onto T4's and X2's.


The MSI's have to be modified and Microsoft created the MSI format and offers the Orca tool which edits compiled MSI's and presents them like basic two column spreadsheets.

Find the row titled Launch Conditions and sometimes Launch Dependencies  in the left column

Delete the datums in the rows on the right columns and SAVE A COPY OF THE MSI LEAVING THE ORIGINAL UNFETTERED.


The save process can take sometime since it is essentially recompiling the whole package with your modificationa nd execute  it again, likely you'll find yourself in the menus you haven't seen before and you can jam the drivers into the server OS since most Microsoft server code is barely different than their 1/10th cost workstaiton code.


Use discretion and make quality backups before attempting deeper mods such as installing workstation fingerprint software onto a server since you're replacing a GINA and Microsoft OS's are very unforgiving when they detect unacceptable GINA's or just crash before you ever get to Ctrl Alt Del /swipe finger here.


But using that method, you can cross install some 32bit ware into 64bit OS and seamelessly install 995 of all Thinkpad 64bit ready apps into "unsupported" server OS's.


In many cases, if your package is too disruptive to ther server, other aspects of the MSI or the server code will kill the installation and reverse the changes so far.


If your installer is an *.exe, just execute it but open your temp directory  ( EXPLORER.EXE %temp% )  and keep alert for a new folder created in front of your eyes, inside that temp folder is your MSI to be Orca'd. When the EXE and MSI gives you the install error, don't acknowledge it until you've copied the MSI and the temp folder it resides in since acknowleding your incompatibiilty instrucgts the installer to delete the MSI package typically resulting in profanity and repeats of behavior seeminlgy forced as some pyschperiment from the geniususes at Redmond WA.


Some items such as the Intel SLM drivers are pure exe's and 7Zip or WinRar can extract their INF's and you can change the OS parameters inside to continue their install.


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