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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Hi guenni, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!


A 100% safe workaround is to make a complete image backup of your hard drive before running the Bluetooth install, that way if the problem occurs you can always go back.

I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Let me start by saying that I have been impacted by the bluetooth driver issue for over the last year.  It has been an extremely frustrating experience which resulted in many repairs/reinstalls of the various visual c++ redistributable packages as well as an extreme effort to uninstall visual studio, etc in an attempt to resolve the mysterious "policy.8.0.Microsoft.VC80.ATL, type="win32-policy"" error message received when upgrading to any of the later versions of the bluetooth driver.  I was also receiving the random dll missing pop up box during login which has also been fixed. I am using a T61 with windows 7 x64.
I read through all of the comments regarding the correct way to upgrade to the newer drivers (uninstall, then reboot, etc) and I noticed that many people complained of a complete hard drive wipe.  I also noticed that the mass deletion issue was the only issue fixed in  I was determined to slipstream the 1401 changes into the 1400 msi so that when the 1400 uninstall was executed, it would NOT cause the mass deletion.
It appears I was successful in slipstreaming the changes as I was able to uninstall 1400, reboot, then install the latest which included a number of other drivers and bluetooth profiles which I was looking for and could not previously install.
To this end, I used the following process to make the necessary changes.  It is extremely technical and I'm not sure if I can post a file here, but I will try to detail this as best as possible for the administrators to test and possibly provide a solution within their environment.  Also, the normal caveat of making a backup of your system before beginning any of this as well as not undertaking this unless you are familiar with the tools in question.  Even though this worked for me and I think it will work for you, I don't guarantee any results, so please use as much caution as you can.
Software required:
Orca msi editor
windows explorer
Beyond Compare or other file difference utilities (only if you desire to check the differences on your own)
Lenovo 7zbv17ww.exe ( installer)
Latest lenovo bluetooth driver installer (currently
Open windows explorer and navigate to the hidden folder c:\windows\installer.  This folder contains a cache of the various msi files so that windows can uninstall software.  Use the windows search and search for the following query (excluding the brackets): [subject:"widcomm bluetooth"].  It should show you a single .msi file which should be 4,925,440 bytes in size (as a reference, mine was named 3c74ba7.msi).  If you click properties and view the details, you should also see that it is the WIDCOMM Bluetooth Profile Pack Installation Database and likely has a revision number of {F4658C02-3371-4D8D-A8E6-202B4AC37076}.  This msi also corresponds to the msi extracted by the original setup file BTW.msi (probably in C:\DRIVERS\TPBTooth\Win64) which gets renamed with a hash code and copied to the c:\windows\installer directory.    You may also use the registry to determine the file (~HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer and search everything for
Now that you have identified the specific file, you should copy it to a workspace area.  Make sure that you retain an original copy just in case.
Next, go ahead and run the 7zbv17ww.exe 1401 installer and be sure to extract it to a different location, such as C:\DRIVERS\TPBTooth_6.2.1.1401 so that you don't overwrite the original 1400 driver files.  Once you have extracted it, do *not* continue running setup.  You will need to browse to that location, open the win64 folder and copy the BTW.msi file to your workspace.
At this point, you will have your 1400 msi and the 1401 msi (btw.msi).  You will want to edit the 1401 btw.msi with orca and use Tables | Export Tables.  Select all and browse to an appropriate location and indicate that it is for 1401.  You can close orca as this is all you need from 1401.  (You may optionally export the tables for 1400 so you can do a diff between the versions to compare my work, but this is unnecessary for the fix.)
Now, edit the 1400 msi (hash name).  Navigate to the Binary table.  Within here, you are going to update 3 items with the new binary data (double click [binary data] in the appropriate row and read from file from the exported 1401\binary folder with the .ibd extension).  The three you should update are New_Binary2, New_Binary3, NewBinary20.  Be very careful to note the subtle _ in some of the item names.  Be sure to select the appropriate files within the exported data.  Next, navigate to the InstallExecuteSequence table.  You will need to change the condition on the two actions as follows (without the quotes):
SxsInstallCA = "(0 = 1) AND (NOT REMOVE) AND (NOT Version9X)"
SxsUninstallCA = "(0 = 1) AND ((Installed AND NOT REINSTALL) OR MsiPatchRemovalList) AND (NOT Version9X)"
These are all of the changes required.  Now, save the msi in orca and exit orca.  You should notice that the size new msi is now different than the original 1400 msi.  Next, overwrite the msi in the c:\windows\installer folder with the new file.
You have made a full system backup, right???  I recommend that you turn off your bluetooth at this time.  Open up programs and features and navigate to the thinkpad bluetooth driver and uninstall it.  If this is successful, you should reboot.  Turn on the bluetooth.  Run the latest lenovo driver installer.
I was absolutely amazed and pleased when this entire process completed successfully without any of the other errors I previously experienced.  I hope that other people find the same degree of success with this workaround as I had.
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

at6459 - OUSTANDING! your fix worked perfectly!!! I'm in IT so your instructions were pretty easy for me to follow but for the general user I would recommend adding a bit more detail. I'd been struggling to get my Lenovo laptop to properly recognize my Jambox speaker from Jawbone but after following your article it connected perfectly! Thank you so much!!! I'm going to link your fix to the Jawbone site for all the issues I read about for users with Lenovo's Smiley Very Happy


Lenovo - Get your act together and follow at6459 advice and provide an adequate fix! Shessh!!!!

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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Dear: at6459


thank you so much for the procedure, I just applied it to install version on my lenovo L412 and it worked great, easy steps.


I really don't know how you did to get to this procedure but thank you so much


best regards form Mexico


Allan Mancera

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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

i registered just to say my appreciation and thanks for your detailed post on how to resolve the issues. finally, i managed to connect my bluetooth headset (nokia bh-905) to my x200s.

my thanks again,

What's DOS?
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

This just happened with the latest v19 release on my W500. THANKS LENOVO! I didn't even get a warning to backup, the system went into an auto-update and when it rolled back, it deleted all of my personal files. Luckily 95% were backed up, but I lost the day worth of pictures I downloaded from my vacation, about 4GB worth since my nightly backup did not run. The files cannot even be restored with 4 programs I used, like Recuva, Undelete 360, etc. They will recover them, but they are corrupt.


I am going to make sure I never buy Lenovo again, nor have my company buy them, since I make decisions on what systems to get. This is outrageous. It was in an instant over 200GB of data just disappeared! 

At the least, Lenovo you should be providing some kind of free high end file recovery tool...




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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

LOL that must SUCK !!
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Well, it looks like Lenovo has STILL not fixed the problem. Put on the updates using the standard update process and got the message that BTWHIDCS.DLL couldn't be found. At least I did not lose files. AND I cloned the drive before doing the update.

My experience with Lenovo dictates such and action.


Of course, the Bluetooth on my T61 has had problems of one sort or another for about 2 years. Every update that even goes near the BT has caused some sort of problem and many hours of research to fix.


I have concluded that Lenovo doesn't care if they lose a customer for life. My next system will NOT be a Lenovo!


I am retired from 37 years with IBM but loyalty is destroyed by actions (or lack thereof) of a vendor.

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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Thank you!!!


100% working Smiley Happy



ThinkPad L412 ( 4403)



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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

I take it that this has not been resolved yet?

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