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Punch Card
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Thanks again for the recommendations - I will, in any case, create a full image of my HDD and I also have backups of my important data. Nevertheless if I can avoid crashing my system and then restoring it I would like to do that and I really think Lenovo should react to this matter.



Punch Card
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

After not getting any update from Lenovo I tried to tackle the problem yesterday.


I made a complete image and started to have a look at my Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables.


The following were installed:

2005 (8.0.50727.42)

2005 x64 (8.0.56336)

2008 x46 (9.0.30729)


In the event viewer I could find additional information:

Produkt: ThinkPad Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software -- Fehler 1935. Während der Installation der Assembly "policy.8.0.Microsoft.VC80.CRT,type="win32-policy",version="8.0.50727.42",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorArchitecture="x86"" ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter Hilfe und Support. HRESULT: 0x800736FD, Assemblyschnittstelle: IAssemblyCacheItem, Funktion: Commit, Komponente: {63E949F6-03BC-5C40-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E}


Interesting from here should be:

- Error 1935

- 8.0.50727.42 (which is Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable)

- HRESULT: 0x800736FD

- Component  {63E949F6-03BC-5C40-A01F-C8B3B9A1E18E}


I started as Gan recommended with these C++ redistributables and also uninstalled all of them and reinstalled. I took kind of a brute-force attack, searched the unique things about the error messages and tried the recommendations people tried (uninstall/reinstall the C++ Redistributables, .NET Frameworks, run sfc /scannow (did not find any problems), I even tried to mess around with the manifest-files in the of the driver installation, but I couldn't put it together again in a way that the setup would take it again).


I would like to tackle the problem now in a more strategic approach, but I think I am lacking some programming knowledge for this. What I learned is that there are different, for example, DLL-files and that in order to have programs run which need different version of the same file the folder WinSxS is there to provide different versions and policies which file to use when a certain version is requested and so on. Somewhere here the manifest-files come into play and I suppose that the problem is laying here. In the installation of the driver there is a which is containing a manifest file which is related to the above error - also in the WinSxS-folder there are two files closely related to the error. I tried to just take them out of WinSxS\manifest but that did not solve the problem.


I also found people on this forum having the same problem with this driver (error 1935) but most people didn't have to deal with it too much, since the next step for them was uninstalling the old bluetooth driver which completely deleted the C:-drive the way: I tried that too and yes it really deletes the whole C:!


Has anybody dealt in detail with such a problem or does anybody have more hints for me in which direction I should go?

Considering the time I spent with the brute-force strategy it would be best to just reinstall - but then I didn't learn anything...



Thanks a lot for your help!

Punch Card
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

A similar thing happened to me.  An enhanced data rate Bluetooth driver update I got from a driver update service I subscribed to killed my windows.  I could not use any of the windows recovery tools.  I forgot to try an in-place upgrade run though.  Ended up putting a new SSD drive in and re-installing.  Pulled my old files off a backup.  Lost a couple days on that little project.


Later the Windows Update loaded an updated driver with no problems.

What's DOS?
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Same is happening on T400 units.  The issue seem to relate not to uninstall of 1400 series driver, but the upgrade and uninstall during the upgrade.  Here is the steps that resolved this issue for me.


Conduct complete HDD backup

Uninstall all of the C++ redistrib updates and SP1.  Leave only original 2005 C++ redistrib (dated 2006) both x64 and x86

Enable Bluetooth on the Thinkpad

Go to device manager and remove Thinpad Device (2.1 by Broadcom) while checking remove the drivers and software

Once removed disable (Fn-F5) bluetooth device and restart your computer

Uninstall .1400 Thinkpad driver using Control Panel Uninstall


Remove 2005 C++ original and install 2005 C++ SP1 redistrib and secuirity update

Install .2900 driver


Paper Tape
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7


the same happend to my Thinkpad L412 with Windows 7 64 Pro.

I observed randomly disconnects of the Bletooth Laser Mouse.

Therefore I tried to update the Bluetooth SW and got the error 1935.

Then started the uninstall from control panel which wiped my disk.


Before the update I even read the description on the Lenovo Download page, but no warning at all! 

The very serious bug is known for at least 3 month and there still no solution howto update or remove the buggy driver!


Or does somebody have a solution ?




Paper Tape
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Here too, installed the Bluetooth update on my T510 Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, and the hard drive was wiped. Did a full virus scan and nothing. System restore failed several times. I called Lenovo and they denied ever hearing about this very serious problem - claimed I got a virus. Guess there is nothing left but reinstall - **bleep**. It would be really nice if at least Lenovo would issue a warning.

Former Administrator
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7



I'm sorry to hear this happened to you.  Can you share a bit more information?   What version of the bluetooth drivers did you previously have?  And I assume you downloaded the latest from Lenovo's support site and installed them?


Anything more you can tell us?  We've updated the revision several times since this problem was first reported and yet it seems to be random and infrquent occurance such that we have not been able to reproduce it.


We did post a warning on the site advising customers to back up their data - it's on the download page.  What would you suggest to better advise customers?  Perhaps if the update was applied through TVSU the customer was not advised and given the opportunity to defer the update and back up first?  Did you install manually or through TVSU?


bluetooth warning.png



Best regards,




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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

If I saw that message, I would assume it was just the usual warning and thus wouldn't heed the warning much.  If you could at least note that customers have actually experienced data loss, that may help.  Maybe change the color to bright red too...  You could add a disclaimer that clearly explains the issue during the install process that users must acknowledge that they read...that would allow people who use the TVSU to know of the issue.  It's a pretty tough's unfortunate to hear that people are continuing to experience the issue.

Paper Tape
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

Hi Mark_Lenovo,
here are some details of my experience.
The preinstalled Bluetotth SW version was

I'm not sure whether the Bluetotth SW was included when I ran an ThinkVantage System Update.

First I tried to update the Bluetotth SW installing the  latest package from the web manually. The version was
This ended with an error message box 1935 and a long cryptic truncated error message:



Then I googled a bit and found the tip to uninstall first. During deinstallation of the Bluetotth SW the system was nearly completeley cleared. All erasable file were deleted.

Now I saw the warning you mentioned. This is no warning this is a hint which you can find in nearly every readme file and every SW packing. A real warning should be in 7zbv18ww.txt too.

What about a callback of all undeliverd Thinkpads with the buggy Bluetooth SW
Additionaly a fix for the Bluetotth SW which can be installed without uninstalling first is required.

For me I could remove the SW after a full sytem restore. My BT mouse runs without it.

Best regards


Punch Card
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Re: Bluetooth update killed my Windows 7

I had pretty much exactly the same issue but luckily found this forum post before I tried to uninstall - after making a backup and trying to uninstall it also wiped my system partition.

I was so far not able to fix the "policy.8.0.Microsoft..."-error and gave up on it sinceit already had cost me a lot of time (as I documented in this thread).


I would be happy if Lenovo would at least come up with a way that the driver could be uninstalled without deleting the whole system partition - I mean it is fixed in the new version (the change log says that the uninstall process has been "improved") but still people are stuck with this buggy version.


Nevertheless I did not try vitlam's way so far - I will give that a try when I find some time - but in any case an official working way would be good (I messed around with the VC++ redistributables a lot and didn't get anywhere).


And I agree with gs10 that the hint for doing a backup is not enough - people always say one should drive carefully but when you actually know that your breaks are not working I think you should mention that and not just say: "drive safe..."!



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