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What's DOS?
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Boot failure

I have z61m ThinkPad notebook.

The internal HD have been partitioned so to have one partition with Linux Suse 10.3, one partition with Linux data, One partition with Linux Swap and another with Windows XP SP3, the recovery partition has been deleted ; boot is managed via GRUB.

System was perfectly runnig with both WIndows XP and Linux.

Today, I run the update from the Windows XP partition using the Thinvantage Update Utility.

After the full update, including BIOS update, I was no more abe to boot my PC.

It seems to hang during GRUB loading.

Trying to boot from a CD ROM (using ubuntu distribution) failed, resulting in a computer hang (but HD led is always on like it's tring to access teh HD).

I tryied to boot with booth SATA compatibility and enanched modes with either no success.

Only thing I can do is entering BIOS configuration and nothing more.

I also run the BIOS HD verification tool and it says that HD seems to be all right.


Any idea ?


Thnks in advance.



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Re: Boot failure



welcome to the forums!


seems that your master boot record has been can repair this ofcourse


1.insert the windows xp setup cd and re-start the computer

2.once you enter setup you are provided with an option to go to recovery console R key to go to the recovery console the drive you want to repair its the C: drive

5.if you have  any admin password give it to the system

6.type the following command "fixmbr"


this should remove the grub bootloader from the system


to re-install grub simply pop in the SUSE DVD and install any few packages by selecting the option to "upgrade" your system that will re-install your grub as well


hope this helps...




Message Edited by samavedam_vijay on 09-06-2008 10:42 AM
What's DOS?
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Re: Boot failure

Thanks a lot for your advice and quick reply.

As you said, it was a problem of MBR...

Following your instructions now both partitions are 'alive and kicking' again.

Just wonder why IBM update corrupted the MBR .....



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