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Bottom Screw Placement Diagram

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T61 that I've had for fourteen years; it still works beautifully but over time it has lost several of the screws on the bottom. Some screws are clearly not the right ones as well and I've begun having error messages pop up and keys that have stopped working. I've attributed this to the missing/incorrect screws on the bottom that has caused a loosening of some components. I've purchased a full set of screws that are specific to the T61 model; unfortunately they came with no diagram that indicates which type screw goes where. All I want is to replace the old and missing screws on the bottom of the dissembling of it, just replacing the missing and incorrect screws. The manual doesn't have a diagram and I'm stuck until I locate one that illustrates the bottom of the laptop, the size and shape (and type name if possible) of the proper screws, and where each one should be placed. I've searched the Internet till my eyes crossed; maybe I'm missing something because I can't even come close to finding what I need.


If someone can direct me to, or supply me with, the document(s) I need, I'd be most grateful and appreciative!!

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Re: Bottom Screw Placement Diagram

The hardware maintenance manual; starting on page 61, shows the disassembly steps for the laptop that include the placement, and the particular size/type, of each screw, which for the base cover are M2 × 5 mm, flat-head, nylon-coated (6).


ThinkPad® T61 and T61p (14.1-inch) Hardware Maintenance Manual



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Re: Bottom Screw Placement Diagram

Hello and welcome,


Have a look at the HMM starting at page 91.  Does that help?


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