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Fanfold Paper
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Buggy Acccess Connections

z61p + vista..
usually i connect through Wi-Fi with access connections.
First of all, sometimes it just doesnt work. The wireless router is working perfectly (with every security option disabled), and my computer is also connected fine for a while. Then something happens (sometimes even while using the comp, sometimes after sleep), and wireless stops working. Sometimes the wireless LED turns off which is weird cause noone has turned it off, and also, Operating System doesnt know about it either, cause Fn+F5 wizard (wireless radios manager or what) says its turned ON. whatever, after (if needed) i turn it on, i cant connect to the same router anymore. The router is fine. I tried this with many routers, including a LinkSYS router configured by IT Pro's at my university.
 Also, what makes me mad is the access connections tray icon, which sometimes shows me its connected, when its not, and shows disconnected while i search on google.. 
I think we all (lenovo customers) should consider buying something VERY different.
This laptop i'm using was designed for high-end bussiness use, for presentations. How can they think anyone would use this CRAP for anyting that is IMPORTANT ? I alwasy borrow a 6yrs old HP nc6000 with winXp for everything important.. so funny..
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