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Cannot boot from any device

Hej Lenovo...

I got a lenovo T60 and cannot use it... when i turn it on and everything is goes, it checks something and then writes:
PXE-E61: Media Test Failed, check cable
PXE-M0F:Exiting Intel Boot Agent


How can I fix that by my self? 

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Re: Cannot boot from any device

What other devices have you tried to boot from?  Is your HDD functional with an OS installed on it?


The laptop is defaulting to PXE (network) boot - either because it doesn't find another bootable device, or because PXE has been set first in the boot order.  (or something is badly broken...)


Hit F12 during boot and see if you can boot from HDD or a CD/DVD.  Check BIOS for the boot order.



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Re: Cannot boot from any device

Sounds like a failed harddrive to me, but we'd need a lot more information to be sure.
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Re: Cannot boot from any device

Turn the laptop with bottom up and losen the screw near the left border and remove the HDD cover. Look whether a HDD is attached there. Instructions


Go into the BIOS - Startup - boot

Check, whether HDD is listed as boot device. You should find a "+" left of "HDD" -move with the cursor down to it, press Enter to expand. The HDD-type must be shown now.

If the "+" is missing, the HDD is not recognized - try annother SATA-HDD drive then.


Please also try to boot from CDROM f.ex. Knoppix CD (free download) or Windows XP.



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Re: Cannot boot from any device

Strange?! I've been stumped with the first T510. I robbed the 160 Gb drive to I cloned the OS and files from the other T510 (refurbished) to troubleshoot it and low and behold the first T510 booted up. I put the 500 Gb drive in it and it wouldn't find any of the drives that I set (CD/DVD then 500 Gb drive then USB). 


Being thoroughly confused I put the first T510 down and started up on the second one (refurbished). I changed the drive setting from Compatability to AHCI. I also eliminated the network setting in the boot menu. The crazy thing read the DVD and is now installing Windows 10. 


One down and one to go. I did get the first one to give me the PXE message. Perhaps if I remove the network in the menu this might solve this issue. I'll let you know after I finish installing Windows and get back to work on the first one. 


Thank you for your input. I'm halfway through getting these laptops up and running. Hopefully I've learned enough to get the other one going too. If not I'll update and if so I'll still update.


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