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Connecting my T60 to Linksys wireless network

I have had this T60 laptop for  8 months. For 7 of those months the laptop worked seamlessly with the Linsys router/neywork I also have. Suddenly, about 3 weeks ago, the T60 starts developing trouble w/ wireless network. First it still shows that the network is recognized but operating so far below capacity that it is unable to open a web page.


I've gone through the efforts that have always worked in the past, 1) tried the "repair connection" tool, that didn't work; tried to download Linksys settings to flashdrive; not only does this-heretofore failsafe plan not work-the T60 doesn't even automatically transfer the settings from the flash drive like it used to.


I can't get any official Lenovo help as I bought this laptop as allegedly new but "open box" only to find out it wasn't only not "new" it had been originally purchased 18 months prior to my purchasing it so it was never under warranty since I've owned it.


All that aside, what I would like to try to do is to manually enter the settings from the Linksys network into the Lenovo T60. I have no idea where I should try to do this however. What Linksys calls "settings" are items like WEP code, ssid name etc. when I click on internet settings in IE 6 on the T60, there are a series of boxes, some checked, some not but none that I am familiiar with.


Can anyone tell me how to manually enter WEP key and other wireless settings in the T60?


Possibly related but I don't see how, is the matter of an toolbat that I downloaded. Though it hasn't been particularly malicious, it has hijacked my browser. When I attempt to uninstall it I am told that it can't be uninstalled because it can't find an AskBarDis.dat file. I have no idea how to procure that file or what I should do to get rid of


Sorry if I have breached any kind of protocol by asking 2 questions in one post. First time user who would be extremely grateful for help. Thanks.


Bill S