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Blue Screen Again
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Cracked T43 LCD - XGA or SXGA?

I have a T43 (1875) with a cracked LCD.  How can I find out if I have an XGA screen or a SXGA screen without taking it apart?

Bit Torrent
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Re: Cracked T43 LCD - XGA or SXGA?

You can lookup the full model number on and it will tell you what it came with.
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Re: Cracked T43 LCD - XGA or SXGA?

Welcome to the forum!


T43 units with Intel graphics - model number starting in 187x - were only available with XGA screens.


Good luck



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Re: Cracked T43 LCD - XGA or SXGA?

The previous answer is true if you have a 14" screen. Intel-based models were released with 15" screens.