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What's DOS?
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Data Recovery of data from laptop hard drives

This hard drive is from a T60 laptop - please read below, thanks


1. Working laptop with a working hard Download drive ( I know this is the case as if you insert the drive into the laptop , power it on, it loads windows xp, you can use the laptop as per normal without any errors / issues etc )


We have an external hard drive kit ( again which I know that works as I use it to connect a multitude of other hard drives via USB to a desktop PC ) and I have another hard drive kit different to the first USB to SATA hard drive recovery kit and it does the same when trying to access the data off of the laptops hard drive


If I connect the laptop hard drive to my desktop PC it refuses to show up in my computer yet if you right click my computer --> Manage --> Disk Management


The drive shows up in here as un-initialised and if you attempt to initialise the drive it fails stating it has CRC error(s) and it will not assign it a drive letter.


Is there a quick way to access the data on the drive ?


As far as I am aware the drives are not encrypted as when loading after the POST from bios you do not get any blue / purple progress bars loading, these are Windows XP SP 3 so not using bit locker or anything like that.


What do I need to do to get access to the data as quick as possible without doing too many steps or waiting for utils to recover data etc.


Also what do Lenovo do to the hard drives that cause this many head aches ??

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