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Paper Tape
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Deal or scam?

Someone is selling a used T42 on Craigslist for $340. He says it's three years old. When I asked him the condition, here is what he wrote:  "Everything works like new. In fact everything except the  outer shell is replaced by IBM last year during warranty period."


Am I wrong, or is something wrong with this picture? Would IBM still be replacing components under warranty for a T42 in 2007 or 2008?



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Re: Deal or scam?

Welcome to the forum!


All depends on the type of warranty that the machine carries. But yes, IBM would be replacing components on T42s even now.


The last T42s rolled  off the assembly line in mid-to-late 2005. Quite a few of them came with 3-year standard warranty. Some of them with 1, but some with 5 years as well under special bids and contracts.


The ownwer should have the paperwork for everything that was done by IBM, though.


And, in today's day and age, $340 is quite a sum for a T42. It better have an IPS LCD and 7200rpm drive for that amount of money...



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Deal or scam?

The T4X series have a notorious mother board problem, although I think the T42 and 43 has a redesigned board. Many older T4X series were repaired under warranty for that issue here in Turkey, and it is easy to find them second hand. The price it seems is a bit high. You can possibly find second hand T60-61's for between 400-600. At least it seems so at ebay.