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Paper Tape
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Desktop Icons

I use my FnF7 key to switch to an external monitor but every time I switck back to my T61 display my desktop icons are rearranged which is a nuisance as my desk top icons are organized alphabetically. Can I preserve my desktop icons organization when I switch to external monitor to watch movies?  

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Re: Desktop Icons

Yes, you have them set to auto arrange. Change the setting. Some settings may place the icons out of reach from the desktop though, in which case you can access them from windows explorer.



*please note that if you told us what windows version you use, someone might even tell you exactly how to do it, but it's not hard to figureout.  

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Paper Tape
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Re: Desktop Icons

Thank you for your response but I do need help with the process of changing the settings. My Windows version is Vista Business. Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, T8100 @ 2.10 GHz, 32 Bit Operating System.

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Re: Desktop Icons



If you right-click on any empty portion of your Desktop a context menu should pop up with several items on the menu such as View, Sort by, Refresh and so forth. 


Scroll your mouse's cursor across the View item and a sub-menu will appear with items such as Large icons, Medium icons, Small icons and, somewhere on that list, Auto arrange icons


Move the cursor over the Auto arrange icons menu option and select it by left-clicking.


You should now have disabled the automatic arranging of icons on the Desktop.




Aryeh Goretsky


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Re: Desktop Icons

I'm having this issue too.  I had it on my T400 and now my T420.  I do NOT have auto arrange checked.  My docking station is hooked up to a bigger display than my laptop has.  Even if I don't fill the screen to the bottom with icons, it still rearranges every time I re-dock.

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