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Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-29-2009
Location: France
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Accepted Solution

Drivers problems after formatting



First excuse my english, I'm only a French.


So, I need your help because I just decide to format my T60p (2007-CTO), not with the CDs from lenovo but with only the XP SP2 CD.

After that, I've downloaded some drivers on lenovo's website and run them. But I already have some problems (no sound for example) and when I go to in the properties of the desktop, in the devices management, it notices me that I've some devices not recognized (with a yellow "?" in "other devices"). Here is the list of the drivers it doesn't recognize :

- BCM2045B

- Biometric Coprocessor

- SM bus controller

- Audio device on High Definition Audio bus

- Unknown device

- Modem device on High Definition Audio bus


However, I've downloaded all the drivers it needs I think, so I don't understand. I put you bellow a list of all the drivers I've installed, in the order I've installed them (with the number reference of the driver, like we have it when downloading it on lenovo website, and the description of the driver) :

- kb888111xp2fr - Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) High Definition Audio class driver (Q888111)

- 7kra26ww - Intel PRO-1000 LAN adapter software

- WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86 (not a lenovo driver but needed for next drivers)

- dotnetfx35setup (not a lenovo driver but needed for next drivers)

- 6ju708ww - Power Manager

- 6hku07ww - ThinkPad Power Management driver

- 6jvu34ww - Hotkey driver

- 6hcx41ww - ThinkVantage Access Connections

- 6asa52ww - ThinkVantage Active Protection System

- 6mwc15ww - Intel Wireless LAN (abgn, abg, bg)

- 7cwc05ww - Cingular Wireless WAN adapter software

- 7fma13ww - Modem driver

- 7igu07ww - UltraNav driver

- 7jif12ww - Lenovo System Interface Driver

- 7kbf02ww - Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Firmware update

- 7kts04ww - ThinkPad BIOS Settings Windows

- 7vba14ww - Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate Software II

- 7vgq12ww - UltraNav Utility

- 7vuy02ew - ThinkVantage Productivity Center Pack

- 77a224ww - Audio Features XI

- 77bm03ww - Microsoft Bluetooth Support file for Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate

- 77gr09ww - UltraNav Wizard

- 79d179ww - Lenovo System Interface Driver

- 79oi18ww - Monitor file (installer avant le driver video)

- 79uj32us - BIOS update utility

- 79wc17ww - Verizon Wireless WAN adapter software

- oss608ww - Intel Chipset Support


I think just the order is important until the driver "ThinkVantage Access Connections" because I've read when downloaded the drivers that some needed the drivers installed in top of the list.


If anyone (who can understand my bad english) can help me to install the drivers that I miss, it will be very nice :-)



Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-29-2009
Location: France
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Re: Drivers problems after formatting

Anyone can help me please ? Smiley Sad

Community SuperMod
Posts: 3,884
Registered: ‎04-25-2008
Location: San Francisco
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Re: Drivers problems after formatting

1. Just checkin something: Lenovo driver installs require two steps 1. Extract 2. Install. When you double click on the download the drivers are extracted, usually to a directory under C:\DRIVERS. You then go to that directory and run the installer, usually setup.exe. The directory and install method can vary - check the installation instructions. Are you doing both steps?


2. Why not use ThinkVantage System Update?


I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
Paper Tape
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎11-29-2009
Location: France
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Re: Drivers problems after formatting

Thanks, I just have forbiden to run the extracted files Smiley Tongue


Thank you for your help !