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Dual Monitor Problems with Vista

I have a Lenovo T61 laptop running Vista ultimate 32 bit, SP1. I schlep this back and forth from home to work and put it in docking stations at each location. The docking stations have external monitors attached. At work I have a Viewsonic VX2035wm 20" Wide screen, (16:10) monitor with optimum resolution of 1680x1050. At home I have a Viewsonic VA912b 19" standard aspect ratio monitor with a suggested resolution of 1280x1024.


I typically run in dual monitor mode using my laptop display and the external monitor and extend the display across both monitors. Sometimes I run with the laptop display as the primary monitor, sometimes the external is the primary.


When I take my system from one location to another, generally upon boot or resume it recognizes the different monitor configurations and adjusts the display properties accordingly. However, about once a week I have a problem. For example, I shutdown at home, came into work and attempted to boot the system. Upon boot my external monitor displayed a frequency out of range error and did not display anything else. I suspect that the external port was configured to a setting that was not supported by the monitor. It appears that this was the primary display because my laptop only showed the background and the desktop did not display. Since nothing was displayed, I couldn't click the start menu, any icons, etc. I tried to adjust the monitor configuration by right clicking the laptop screen and selecting personalize, but the personalization dialog would not show up and I suspect that it went to the blanked out external monitor.


Please advise on how I can handle this situation. Is there any way to move the display from the external to the notebook when this happens? I noticed that Viewsonic has Vista drivers listed on their web site. Would it help to download and install these? Is there anything else you can suggest?

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