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Error 00301 - Thinkpad 600X



I've searched the Lenevo site for this error and was unsuccessful.   The Thinkpad is a gift from my neighbour to my daughter if I can get it working.  The POST show the error first as "E0 301", then followed by a light blue window with "Error 00301".




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Re: Error 00301 - Thinkpad 600X

change BIOS battery to fix that error
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Re: Error 00301 - Thinkpad 600X

According to HMM, 301 error has nothing to do with CMOS battery, but:




1. Go to “Testing the
computer” on
page 7.
2. Keyboard.
3. External numeric
4. External keyboard.
5. Keyboard and mouse
6. System board.


More on this and other 600x issues in the HMM:


Good luck.



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Re: Error 00301 - Thinkpad 600X


Sorry for the belated reply but I'm not on this board that often...

301 error is normally due to a stuck key on the keyboard. The E0 code in front of the 301 is telling you which key(s) is(are) the problem. If you go to a web page that I set up many moons ago:

you will see that E0 can be any one of 13 keys (6th and 7th group down the page). Inspect each one of those keys represented by the E0 error code and you may find that one of them is stuck down. In some cases you can repair the key but usually it requires replacing the entire keyboard and bezel.
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