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Ethernet Capability in ThinkPad A21m [2628]

My ThinkPad A21m [2628] does not currently have Ethernet capability.  (“Network card” was an optional extra at the time of purchase in 2001.)  The Ethernet port on the rear of the ThinkPad A21m is covered over with a cover that looks like it could be pried off.  It is hard to see whether there is an actual Ethernet port underneath the cover. 


I am wondering whether I would be able to add Ethernet capability to this computer.  Can I simply pry off the cover, buy a compatible network card, put it into the computer myself according to the hardware manual, and then install the driver?  Or, does the fact that the Ethernet port is covered over mean that there is nothing I can do about it now?  My operating system is Windows 2000 SP4.  I would appreciate any advice on this issue. Thank you.

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Re: Ethernet Capability in ThinkPad A21m [2628]



Just replace the modem card with an appropriate LAN/modem combo card and it will work "out of the box".


You might have to download the appropriate driver, but the procedure is as simple as stated above, I've performed this myself many a times in the old days on both A2x and T2x units.



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Re: Ethernet Capability in ThinkPad A21m [2628]

Thank you so much for your advice and information, George..

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