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Paper Tape
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FRU for DIV antenna ?

What is the FRU for the div antenna for the z61m.

It is not mentioned anywhere but it is displayed in the hardware maintenence manual....

Paper Tape
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Re: FRU for DIV antenna ?

Have you tried this page: ?


Actually I don't know what you mean with "div" antenna, but I guess all exchangeable parts are listed there.

Paper Tape
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Re: FRU for DIV antenna ?

Ah, the error deepens.



As you can see, #3 is the DIV antenna.

It is the object installed on teh palm rest support on the left side, in the square shaped hole.


I have also seen this referred to as AUX in the z61t documentation.


pg 85 of the z61m hardware manual shows this antenna, but its FRU is not listed at all.


There are 2 wifi cables, MAIN and AUX


3rd seems to be used for WIFI if there is a mimo wifi card, but if cellular is also present, the DIV antenna is used for cellular.



This is very odd, but there are inconsistencies.....

 I have looked at other thinkpads.....


In other thinkpads, there are 5 antennas, 4 (main, aux, wan-main and 3rd wifi) and one in the palmrest somewhere (DIV)


So im not sure how this should be routed.


The big question is, what happens when someone has a A/B/G/N card and a Verizon card.




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