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Fanfold Paper
Posts: 5
Registered: ‎06-02-2008
Location: France
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Fn acting as the mute key

I use a T60 2007-4CG, which I love and decided to promote it to W7 because of its very decent screen and sufficient hardware capabilities.


I applied all BIOS patches and I now face one weird issue : I discovered in W7 that each time I pressed the Fn key, it was interpreted as if I pressed the mute key.


Initially, I found it was a problem related to W7, so I reinstalled it, with no luck. Still the same problem.


After several tests, I'm now sure it is related to the BIOS :

when booting and accessing the BIOS, I can no longer press Fn + Page Up to lit the keyboard. This means that even in the BIOS, the key is not correctly interpreted.

Moreover, if I activate the Fn lock in the BIOS, then, the behaviour is slightly different : the first hit on Fn acts like mute, but the second (if pressed fast enough) acts as the Fn key has been pressed, thus enabling me to lit the keyboard (for example). This trick works in the BIOS setup pages and in W7.


I tried to downgrade my BIOS, but it did not change anything.


Has anyone encountered the same issue ? Is there anything I can try to restore the normal behaviour of the Fn key ?