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Serial Port
Posts: 49
Registered: ‎08-26-2008
Location: USA
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HD fails to show up after cloning/will boot in T61P

Cloned a 750GB WD Scorpio Black from a Hitachi 320GB drive.  Used Clonzilla Live on a boot CD.  Hitachi was inside the T61P and WD was in external USB drive.  WD initially showed up as an empty formated drive,  After cloning stats on both drives were indentcal with an additional unallocated space of 400GB on the cloned WD drive.

After rebooting from Hitachi drive the external USB WD drive was not recognized. 

Crystal Disk Info does show the drive if refreshed but Device Manager and Computer under Windows Explorer do not show the drive.

Removed Hitachi internal drive and replaced it with the cloned WD drive.  System booted as before so the WD clone worked.  Thought Windows might get confused with two drives having the same name so renamed the WD drive,

When inserting the USB connector from the external drive get a tone like that when you install a new device but it doesn't show up in Device Manager or Windows Explorer.

Either drive will function fine if installed as the internal drive but the other drive does not show up as the USB drive.

What is going on here?