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What's DOS?
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Headphone Size and Sticky Keys

I've had my Lenovo T61 7662-CTO for a couple of months now.  The only problem is that whenever I try to use headphones with my notebook, the headphones do not fit all the way into the headphone jack.  Defeating the purpose of using headphones because the speakers are still making sound.  Only when I keep constant pressure on the headphones that all the sound is though the headphones, but the headphones are still sticking out.  I've been using the same headphones that I use for my ipod (a friend of mine told me that his T61p is compatible with his ipod headphones).  I'm just curious if the T61 needs different mm size headphones. If not, maybe I just need to send it back?


As for the sticky keys, my left shift button has been real annoying.  I was wondering if I could take the retainers off so I may clean it properly.


Please and thank you.  Any help would be appreciated.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Headphone Size and Sticky Keys

Most laptops use a 3.5 mm headphone jack, if it doesn't go in properly, then it is suggesting that your headphone jack needs to be replaced, the contact in the thing must be incorrectly seated which prevents you plugging the headphone connector in all the way.


If you are still in warranty, the depot maybe able to switch your keyboard for a new one, ask whether this is possible before you take this into your own hands. 

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