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Help! - moving hard drive from one Thinkpad to another

(I did a search on this site and didn't find a workable solution to my problem... Any help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank you...)




-I'm moving a 10 gig hard drive from my Thinkpad T21 to a Thinkpad A30.

-I'm running Windows 2000.

-Windows hangs on booting in the A30.


Theorizing the Problem:


-From the research I've done already, I think the hard drive controller driver needs to be updated on the copy of Windows on the hard drive.


Attempted Solutions:


-The Thinkpad/Windows Recovery CD that came with the T21 won't work on the A30! So running a Windows Recovery is out of the question.

-I've tried downloading boot disks from internet, but they only boot up and take me no further. 

-I've also tried putting the hard drive back in the T21 and make changes to the device manager and reselect a different device driver for the A30. I think this is the way to go, but the "disable" function is grayed out on the primary ide driver. Maybe I should choose the option to uninstall it?


I'm guessing I should do something when the drive is in the old T21 before moving it over, but I'm not sure. I'm really stuck here and would be so grateful for someone to point the way.


Thank you for your replies! 

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Re: Help! - moving hard drive from one Thinkpad to another

Welcome to the forum!


What you're attempting is likely never going to work. You need recovery media for W2K built with a HAL for A30, not T21. These machines are different enough to prevent your "project" from booting.


If you can't locate proper restore media for A30/W2K, feel free to drop me a PM.


Good luck.



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