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Punch Card
Posts: 9
Registered: ‎03-02-2008
Location: hong kong
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Help on 4695AGN wireless search - nothing until a reset by a LAN cable?

[ Edited ]
Hi all,
Had sent wrong help message in t-series.  OK, short story:
I had get a T61p before and get trouble with wireless LAN search in Vista 32, my 4695AGN card cannot found any network until I plug a LAN cable from my router, after it login successful, the wireless card can see all wireless LAN around me again.  I had try update all update by 'system update', restore the complete system, contact Lenovo support and follow their suggestion, uninstall thinkvantage access connection and wireless network card driver, re-install access connection 1st and drive 2nd. but still useless.  I can sure not a hardware problems as I can login successful when I still use XP SP2.
Any suggest will be helpful and let me say thanks first.
PS: My config: 6459CTO with Verizon WAN, 4695AGN, most update by Vantage system update, Vista Ultramate 32, 4G RAM

Message Edited by bomix on 03-03-2008 07:11 AM