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Help with an ancient 760 model hard drive

Here's the deal:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was a high school student. At that time, my first laptop was a Thinkpad from the 760 series. After serving me valiantly into my first year of college, the laptop died. In the time I had the laptop, I amassed writings, music records, and stored some photos on the machine. Despite not having the laptop anymore, I recently came across the hard drive, which I had pulled prior to getting rid of it.


With that said, I'm posting to see if anyone knows of a way (i.e. is there an adapter that would connect the hard drive to my usb) or anything of the sort to retrieve my long lost files.


Any help is appreciated.



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Re: Help with an ancient 760 model hard drive

Welcome to the forum.


If the hard drive is functional, you can pull the data from it yourself using an adapter.


Now, my (possibly incorrect) recollection is that these machines had "high" hard drives that don't fit into "normal" adapters...


Try posting the same question in the "legacy" section of Bill Morrow's ThinkPad forum and someone will likely be able to help you out, a lot of ThinkPad oldtimers there:


Good luck.



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Re: Help with an ancient 760 model hard drive

It's alittle bit tricky, but it is possible to remove the drive from its caddy:

  • remove the label from the sides around
  • remove the screws at the connector and detach the connctor adapter (take care, not to damage the cable)
  • open the caddy and remove the hard drive

After that procedure you can connect the HDD with the PATA-USB-adapter


If you want to replace the disk, try to get a "new" HDD with 10 GB maximum or get one of the following CF-cards with additional CF-PATA-adapter:

  • Transcend TS1GCF80 (1GB, 80x, SLC, fast)
  • Extrememory Premium (4GB, 60x, MLC, very slow)
  • Transcend TS1GCF80 (8GB, 133x, SLC, fast)

The 760 can handle 8 GB disk memory maximum - harddrives with 20 GB or larger won't work.

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Re: Help with an ancient 760 model hard drive

You an buy an external IDE (pata) to usb drive case for less then $10. If the drive is to big to fit in the case, you can still run it by using the cable without the case,or you can get a cable adapter without a case.


You can also get a 2.5 to 3.5" IDE adapter and put the drive into a desktop computer. I have a few sitting on my desk, they are very cheap.




ps. If anyone wants to install a drive larger then 8gb on one of these, it can be done, but you'll need software to translate the drive so your operating system can use it. Normally you set the bios to a specific user defined harddrive, then the bios thinks you have 8gb, but the software translates it to the actual size. One such program is alled "Disc Manager". I will probably work with any FAT operating system like DOS or Windows 9x, but that's about all you could run on one of them anyway.  I actually think I have one of these that's in working condition, but not sure of the model. I'm also not 100% sure this model will work with disc manager software.

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