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Paper Tape
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High CPU Usage when Idle

Hello Crew!!!


I have been using a ThinkPad Z60t, running the OS WinXP Pro that came bundled with the Thinkvantage Software. I have had no problems with my computer for the two years I have been using it. I use it as much if not more then a traditional desktop, covering all aspects of my life, from business to gaming (although it is not a gaming comp, it does me fine). Recently, within the last week or so, I noticed a huge lag-like spike every minute or less, including when the system is idle and isn't playing anything. I ran McAfee as well as AdAware and found no issues out of the ordinary. After reading a few forumn posts, on other websites, I ran a processes check, with Microsoft based software "Sysinternals" and found that over 50-80% of my processor was being used by Deffered Procedure Calls (DPC's) and Hardware interrupts. I chose to reinitialize my entire system, back to factory settings, wiped it all. Guess what it is still doing it!!!!  Man Mad


I have completely updated my OS, and other forumns suggest that there is a hardware issue, or intermittent signal with the CPU or Motherboard, what can I do to test this theory or to find solutions, please help me!!!!!

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