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How long should it last.

Assuming I can keep my T-60 from getting stolen, and don't drop it, how long should I expect my T-60 to last?

Are any of the new , comparable laptops from Lenovo so much more advanced than the T-60 that it would be worth it to get one, because of the advancements?

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Re: How long should it last.

Depends on wayyyy too many factors -- no one can give you a definitive time.  But you should be good for AT LEAST 2-3 years if you take reasonable care of your machine.
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Re: How long should it last.

I had several laptops and among which two lenovo (T42 and T61).

My T42 runs very stable, nothing broke since 4 years or so. The only stuff I had to do is to install tpfancontrol because the

fan starts rotating all the time despite good temperature; this seems to be a bio issue, but the problem is now solved...


I would say the best out of lenovo/IBM is solidity and stability (as they announce and as many people confirm).


In any case I would suggest to take care of it (as I do).

-->Keep it clean (dust)

-->Turn of to standby or hibernate before moving laptop (even for a few meters distance!).

-->Have a good bag to transport it, avoid shocks.

good luck

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Re: How long should it last.

i just recently got a T60 from my uncle, whom got a X300. My T40 is still kicking after several 1 m falls, got it in the end of 2003, whilst my X60 works fine after been catapulted several meters across the room and hitting the wall. If you pamper it, i think it should last at least 7 years +, maybe even 10 years. 

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