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How to Insert Hard Drive into Ultrabay 2000 2nd HDD Adapter on A21m ThinkPad

by on ‎11-16-2011 01:17 AM (1,491 Views)


I have been trying unsuccessfully to insert a hard drive into an Ultrabay 2000 hard drive adapter. The hard drive is a (new) 60GB Fujitsu MHV2060AH ( Enhanced IDE (ATA-6)) drive.


The Ultrabay 2000 hard drive adapter is IBM part number 08K6068. The adaptor fits into my Thinkpad A21m and my Thinkpad Docks. Try as I might, I just can't push the hard drive far enough into the connector to be able to close the plastic latch at the far end. In fact, I accidentally broke off a feeble thin strip of plastic on the latch, by trying to close it with the hard drive in place.


I know that it is meant to fit tightly once it is seated, but is it supposed to be so difficult to insert? Does it require very strong fingers to push it into place, or is there some other problem with using that hard drive? Should I buy a different brand of hard drive or a different model?


The way I've been doing it for years is to put a regular HD caddy on the bottom of the adapter, put the drive in the caddy (no screws required) and push it gently with the plastic in the back lifted, then lower the plastic down once the connection has been set.


Jumpers would usually be on the four pins that are grouped together - on the left side  - and they are no more than tiny rubber circles in most cases. You should be able to remove them if you're careful enough not to bend the pins.


The  MHV2060AH Hard disk is out of production at this point, so examples will either be used or new, old stock.

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