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Paper Tape
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How to use power agendas

I came across "Power Agendas" in the power manager - this must've arrived with some

recent updating of Lenovo software & I stumbled on it accidentally.


I've seen the How-To.  I understand the basic instructions.  I can't get it to do anything

useful, tho.


Does it work at all on this platform?  Does anyone have examples of successful scripts?

Not much available describing what it can & can't do.


Here's what I'd like:

We have a load of these deployed in an elementary school.  It would be nice to have them

in hibernate mode for the 15 hours no one is around.  During the day, the laptops should

never hibernate - the kids (or the teachers) can't handle the powier button.  Ideally, the laptops 

would hibernate at 4 pm & wake up (or switch to standby) at 7 am (& stay in that state by default

all day).


Can any of this be done?  How?


I've been playing with one unit & set up rules ...  its power management puts it in standby & 

it stays there, never hibernates.   The power manager announces its enacting my agendas but

I don't see anything happening.

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