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I need ALL drivers

I got this T42 several years ago without a hard drive - I put one in and've been using Linux successfully for several years. Well I finally got a legal copy of Windows XP but it's buggy because that XP does not have the right drivers. I got the ethernet and the wireless to work but the scrolly thing on the touchpad does not work and there are other things, I'm sure.


Anyway, is there a way to just get ALL of the drivers on one disk and install them all at once rather than figuring out what's not working one by one?

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Re: I need ALL drivers

Welcome to the forum!


You could download Lenovo's System Update, which should find all the drivers.


Personally, I'm more in favour of downloading drivers one by one, and choosing what I really need on the machine...


What's the 7-character model number of that T42, 237?-???



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Re: I need ALL drivers

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You have two possibilities of driver - installation:

1. Automatized driver installation:

First of all, the Service Pack 3 for XP must be installed. If you want to do an automatized driver installation, install Microsoft .NET Framework 2 and then ThinkVantage System Update

For ethernet connection install the Ethernet driver

Run System Update and select the drivers and tools you wish to install.


2. Manual driver installation:

You will find all drivers here, if you prefer manual driver installation.

Identify your wireless network driver here, if unknown.

Install the drivers in the following sequence after installing Service Pack 3:

  • Intel Chipset driver
  • Powermanagement driver
  • Hotkey features
  • Audio
  • AMR Modem (include .inf - file over device manager)
  • Video driver
  • Ultranav Treiber and Utility
  • Wlan
  • Fingerprintsoftware (optional)
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • APS (Active Protection System)
  • BatteryMaximizer with Powermanagement features (or Powermanager of T43 and higher but Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 must be installed before).
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