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Paper Tape
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I think my Laptop's case is damaged

My t43 works fine, but freezes from time to to time. I can get it  to unfreeze by appling a bit of pressure on the laptop case right by where the mouse is (just under the keyboard).


I think my case may be damaged, bu tI see no cracks form outside. Anyone have any ideas on how to fizx this?

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Re: I think my Laptop's case is damaged

From what you're desribing it seems like a GPU issue...if the laptop's model number begins with 26xx (ATi graphics) I'd be quite certain that it's the case.


If you have any warranty left on this machine, send it in for a repair. Motherboard will have to be replaced.


In case that the warranty is out, Google for a business named Superior Reball, they offer this type of repair on ThinkPads.


Good luck.



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