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I1300 1171-9XU will not boot off battery

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I'm having a weird problem with my usually reliable i1300. It will not run off any battery at all. I have 2 fairly new replacement batteries that have worked really well in this laptop. Here are the symptoms.
Seems to draw juice while the unit is off, battery discharge level is down after it's been off a couple of days
Will charge the batteries back up to 100%
Laptop immediately shut off when power is pulled.
Will not boot off the battery at all.
The IBM notebook utility will not refresh the batteries
When the power cable is pulled and you try to start it you hear this faint pulsating clicking noise. The batteries work in another i1300 laptop normally and the notebook utility works fine.
I have some spare parts for the I1300 but I'm not sure what to replace at this moment.
Thanks for any help,
Blank Sheet

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