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Punch Card
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Re: Not my post about gangster protection, it was another user: I wrote thankyou note

The_Tire_Fake wrote:
... I have seen a lot of posts recently on this board and others that follow the same pattern and something smells fishy to me.

How many posts exactly have you read about issues like this?  Be honest.
For future reference, think with your BRAIN not your NOSE.
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Re: Not my post about gangster protection, it was another user: I wrote thankyou note

Both of you, knock it off, or take it elsewhere.


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Brasscupcakes...could you update us?

I believe your laptop was repaired and delivered back to your address yesterday morning.   Could you confirm?
Is in now working properly?   Hopefully this is resolved - look forward to hearing from you...
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UPDATE -- Thinkpad's here and working great, I was out of town, got home tonight.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to both Mark from Lenovo (to whom I just wrote an email) and the extremely helpful members of this forum.

I had to leave town for a few days and wasn't at home when my Thinkpad arrived Saturday, but my husband received it, safe and sound, and he called me to let me know.  I got back tonight and am typing on it now -- what a relief!


It was so kind of  Mark to go to bat for me case. They replaced the system board, the keyboard and the palm rest -- it looks great.

I still don't know what went wrong, as they never sent  the pictures, but I'll call tomorrow and post whatever I find out in here.

I couldn't be more grateful to Mark for interceding on my behalf -- it wasn't even his job, yet he went out of his way for me and came through in an extremely frustrating situation.

Hopefully, I'll never have to service it again. To that end, I'm actually thinking of getting a latex slipcover for the T60 -- my husband says they make them. It sounds kind of like a condom for the keyboard -- not appealing, especially since the keyboard is one of the Thinkpad's finest features. Still, it may be worth it, if it helps prevent another repair experience.

So thank you Mark, and thank you, everybody in here. I'll drop by tomorrow, hopefully with more details.

All best, Amy

Bit Torrent
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Re: UPDATE -- Thinkpad's here and working great, I was out of town, got home tonight.

Amy the latex cover dulls your typing experience, its really frustrating to use.... since you did not pour water on it, then the moisture entrance from the keyboard is not the cause of the problem.... if you did manage to pour large amount of water on it, then there is nothing to prevent water from entering into the laptop through other crevices, other than the keyboards...... its the luck of the draw i guess.... i heard that the water damage is determined by a reactive strip stickers they place within the laptop's internal chassis, if a certain amount of moisture contact this indicator strip then it turns colour, indicating that water damage have occured......

However, this indicator may not be accurate if you live the colder Northern Area of America, where the moisture level indoor and outdoor are extremely different. if you take your laptop suddenly from humid and hot indoor to the cold outdoor environment then moisture condensation within the internal compartment of the laptop would occur, which may cause the indicator strip to change colour.... thus giving a false response...........
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