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Installation Windows XP from official CDs on SSD


it's my first post on this forum.

I want to buy SSD disk for my T60.


How can I install Windows XP from the official CDs? 


Best regards 

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Re: Installation Windows XP from official CDs on SSD

Welcome to the forum! just install the SSD put the first disc in the cd tray & power on

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Betreff: Installation Windows XP from official CDs on SSD

What CDs do you mean with the "official CDs" - the Lenovo recovery CDs or the Microsoft CDs?


In the case of recovery CDs just insert the Rescue and Recovery Boot-CD and follow the instructions.


In the case of Microsoft CDs either change in the BIOS under Config-SATA the setting to "compatibility", reboot an install Windows.

After Windows installation install the Ethernet driver from Lenovo downloadpage as well as XP Service Pack 3 and Microsoft .NET Framework 2 followed by ThinkVantage System Update.



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Betreff: Installation Windows XP from official CDs on SSD

dont install xp to a ssd.
xp dont surport a good file system for ssd.
you need win 7.
xp no achi trim.
drive will slow down over time alot.
xp dont turn off prefetch - os will stutter bad.
it also has disk file issues you have to select yourself.
too many tweeks needed.
xp era hardware might no surport ACHI mode.
xp era hardware will be sata 1 limited sata 150.
even a t60.
only newer are sata 300 and sandys are 600.
complete waste of effort and time.

the way windows 7 was made was with a new file order in mind that ssd like.
new instructions like trim and certin tweeks.
xp is 10 years old i did alot of test on xp when ssd first came out and the experence then was less then rewarding.
ssd have changed so much sence then.
i would not put a ssd in anything other then a lenovo that 1 year old or less.
for one lenovo caped most of the sata ports on all the chipsets sata 0 port to much lower speed.
only within the last year after all the screams over the T60's did they get the message.
running xp now is plain silly as it very old ,unsecure,lacks surport for media and lacks browser choices.
put a ssd with xp in a old latop it will perform WORSE then a platter drive with stutters.
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Re: Installation Windows XP from official CDs on SSD


There is a similiar discussion in this message thread.  Perhaps it will be of use.




Aryeh Goretsky


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Re: Installation Windows XP from official CDs on SSD

to install xp on a ssd you need to change the file alignment.
ssd hate xp file system so it will be a big deal.
go to ocz forums read the xp section there be alot on diskpar.

a T60 will run sata 1 mode only so it be alot slower.

you need to turn off pagefile (mayby),prefetch,defrag,and do a few tweeks.
ssd tweeker program can do that for you.
also on ocz forum or google it.
turn off drive index and run the drive uncompreessed.

xp again is not best os for a ssd and a t60 is not the idel hardware and you probley lack achi surport as well.
that also can mean no firmware updates)depends).

plus the fact the cppu of that era are not the best and power modes will cut the rug right from under a ssd.
add that all together means not the best performance.

the M4 is not a bad ssd with win 7 on those you might wanna think of that and the fact you want to but a ssd that have some use in the future.
kingston make so many models but i find them hard to tell what is what.
toshiba controller models are not bad,some of the newer jmicrons but for the most part i go for something that not last era however barefoots from indelinex do work well cross range i even have one i my ps3 thats run sata 1 crypt as that is how sony did them.

again you need windows 7 if you going to buy a ssd then you need to go that far.
windows xp is really old unsurportd now and nothing like win 7 in terms of speed and memory managemnt.

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