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What's DOS?
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Intel Turbo Memory 4GB on T61 ICH8M Controller

The little 1GB Turbo Memory on my 4GB RAM system was of little use.  So I had the great idea of buying the 4GB Turbo Memory card so I could use User Pinning.  Unfortunately, I didn't read that it only works with the ICH9M  Serial ATA controller - my system has the ICH8M controller (which only works with the 1GB module).


Now I've got the 4GB Turbo Memory module installed but neither ReadBoost or ReadyDrive are usable.


Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions now to make this work?  It's a type 6459 T61.




What's DOS?
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Re: Intel Turbo Memory 4GB on T61 ICH8M Controller

In Thailand, There's someone that can use ITM4GB with T61, ICH8M chipset but It can use ReadyDrive only (ReadyBoost not work!).


You may try this step


1. Update Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver at


2. Double Click Install will extract files to C:\DRIVERS\WIN\IMSM\PREPARE

3. Double Click at install.exe

4. Restart, press and hold F1 key and Config Sata -> ACHI

5. Save & Exit Restart & Give a try


With ITM4GB, you can use ITM Dashboard to configure application you want to ITM load, so these app will run faster and they also claim that battery usage time is up about a hour. I don't know it will work for your case or not. Good Luck...

Token Ring
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Re: Intel Turbo Memory 4GB on T61 ICH8M Controller

hi there!


i have a 5400rpm hdd that i feel is quite slow. i also have a free half size mini pcie slot that was supposed to be for the wwan chip, that will be more trouble than its worth to install and setup.


I am hoping to have a simple boost by installing a 4gb turbo memory.


Is it a simple matter of plug, install drivers and let it do its thing? I know that wireless cards needs to be in a whitelist if you are using the supported bios firmware, of which i already installed the latest, 2.30. Any potential problems that i need to take note off before popping the hood off?


The device i have would be a T7300 T61 6458-4UA running vista 64bit and 4G of ram installed. The turbo memory that was an option was a 1G turbo memory split into 2x 512mb partitions, one for ready boost and the other for ready drive.


Ready boost will not be needed as I will be using the 4 in 1 card reader to house a cheap 16G SD card. I intend to have a 4G turbo memory to serve wholly as a ready drive.


Any possible problems? And will the gains be significant enough that I can put off changing to a 7200RPM hdd? reinstallng the stuff will be a beeyotch, which was why i held off changing the HDD.

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