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Intel Turbo Memory & Momentus XT Hybrid Drive?

While Intel Turbo Memory should not be used with SSD drives, should it be used with hybrid drives, such as the 2nd-generation Momentus XT with 8GB of NAND SLC?  What effects would using Intel Turbo Memory with a hybrid drive have on battery life and performance?  Thanks.

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Re: Intel Turbo Memory & Momentus XT Hybrid Drive?

I looked into getting one of these drives, ended up deciding it was a very bad idea. To me the three most important things with a drive are Data integrity Data integrity Data integrity Speed and performance being a distant 4th, and these hybrids seem to have a lot of problems from the reviews I've read. Many report system hanging, buggy firmware, and other such problems. Your basically getting something experimental, if you really need speed that badly, I'd recommend an Intel SSD, they are pretty much the only ones that don't get bad reviews. As for your turbo mem, it is already a hybrid drive, so having your firmware in a hybrid drive AND intels software fighting over where your important files belong, you're sure to have problems, and if you use the turbo ram you can still use a traditional, more reliable harddrive, and if that isn't enough performance, then I'd grab an Intel ssd, looking for something inbetween will likely end up badly for you. That's my opinion, but please read a lot of reviews and decide for yourself.
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