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Is my laptop dying?

I'm worried that my laptop could be on the brink of borkedness. On Friday evening I was casually browsing Youtube and my screen had developed a pink and green 'burn' effect. When I closed Chrome, the burn was still there on my desktop. I reset my laptop, but when it loaded back up, my screen resolution was stuck on 800x600, and it wouldn't let me change it.

I then updated all of the Windows updates (1gb in total), and then when I restarted the laptop it froze and got stuck on 'Starting Windows'. At this point I was tired and angry so left it and slept. Come the morning, it was all fine. It was working fine all of yesterday, until it got to the evening and I was on Youtube again.

All of a sudden the taskbar changed to a darker shade of blue, and when minimising stuff, it had a smoother animation to it. Slightly odd I thought. But a few minutes later, my laptop just completely died! The charger was plugged in, but it wasn't recognising. The 'on' button was useless and nothing was happening. Again, I was tired and angry so sacked it off until this morning.

I took my battery out then put it back in again, and it booted back up. The task bar had gone a lighter shade of blue this time, and just a few minutes ago it's gone back to the darker shade.

Tonight, again while I was watching a video, my laptop crashed. When I try to start it back up I just get a black screen.

I'm a bit confused as to what it's doing.Is it something to do with youtube or flash player or is it just coincidence that I happened to be on it all times when it's buggered up? It's a pretty old laptop (Lenovo T61) but it's never missed a beat in the time I've had it.
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Re: Is my laptop dying?



From the description I am suspecting some malware or spyware is causing your system behave abnormally


I would suggest you to use an on line scanner .  Before you use any online scanner please disable your antivirus .


Once your system is scanned  ,  enable your antivirus  and update its definition , then restart the system in safe mode


and run the virus scan again .



Hope This Helps


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Re: Is my laptop dying?

Another suggestion is to boot from a Linux LiveCD which you can get from Select the option to not make any changes to your computer. If you experience the same problem running Linux from a cdrom disc, then you can be pretty sure it's a hardware problem. If none of the same symptoms are present, then I'll agree with Rmattoo, and you should backup all your important data on your harddrive then either cleanup your system or reformat and reinstall windows. The latter is by far the easiest solution in this case.

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Re: Is my laptop dying?

I have a T61 with a failing System board and I can sell that to you and you can put in your system board and Hard Drive and it will be working.
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