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What's DOS?
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Is the T42 able to accept a external drive?

Hello, I have an T42 IBM thinkpad, I was wondering if I would be able to connect a external USB drive to it.

Do any of you know if this would work?


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Re: Is the T42 able to accept a external drive?

To connect a HDD or a SSD via USB? You can but you need a adapter for the drive that you want to connect. But it depends since some newer drive's cannot work on older hardware and software.

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Re: Is the T42 able to accept a external drive?

USB flash drive will work for certain, as long as installed OS have proper drivers for it. There can be a problem with USB HDD drives, as they consume more power, than USB 2.0 port can deliver. In that case, you would need a USB-A Y-cable, which connects to two USB to deliver more power. In some edge cases like Crucial SSD disks, you would need an external power supply, as they often needs about 1.7A to work correctly (single USB 2.0 port can deliver up to 0.5A).


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