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Keys sticking


I have a T61 that is ~ 2 years old. 


I have two keys that are not working perfectly on the computer....I don't know how to describe the problem.  They still work--it is just don't work 100% of the time.  For example, with the backspace key I a might have to press the key multiple times before it starts working correctly.


Is this something that can be fixed?  Or is it the type thing that it is smarter to just buy a new laptop since this one is two years old?


I also own a T41 that is ~ 5 years old.  Never had a single problem with they keyboard.  (The old Thinkpad keyboards are the best ever--bar none).

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Re: Keys sticking


I ordered part number 42T3143.  Is that the best keyboard to order for this model? 

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Re: Keys sticking

what I would have done first, is remove the keyboard, buy some compressed air and blow it out.  There could be a crumb or something stuck under the guilty keys.  I've had that issue with my spacebar, where half of it wouldn't really 'click' down.  A good cleaning out solved taht problem.


If it really is a problem, then that part number is for a US english keyboard for a 15.4" widescreen T61 Laptop.  If that is your laptop, then by all means, go ahead and order.

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Re: Keys sticking


A) Thank you for the tip.  I suspect you are correct.  I probably jumped-the-gun ordereing a new keyboard before attempting to clean my existing keyboard.  My computer seems to be working better this afternoon.  All signs point to the issue being as you suspected.


B) I believe I have a 14.1'' widescreen. 


This is where I got the #:


What is the difference between ALPS, Chicony, and NMB?  I wonder which kind came with my computer?


I have always had problems with the "J" key. It has worked good-enough that it wasn't worth doing anything about it.  But since I have accidently ordered a new keyboard I am considering keeping it if it is an upgrade.

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Re: Keys sticking

these are the three manufacturers of the keyboard, whom also manufacturered keyboards on your T4x. The key feel of the keyboard made by these three manufacturers are different, you might got the better keyboard on the T4x and got the bad one in the T61. 


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