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Latest Release 265 Series Nvidia Drivers for Lenovo T61p?

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I ran 3DMark06 this evening on my T9300 T61p and got my usual 4460 Benchmark Score .... however, the benchmark's results page today lists a newer Nvidia Quadro FX notebook series driver available for my WinXP 32-bit system directly from Nvidia.


At the Nvidia site it looks like it's Nvidia's Verde Notebook Release 265 Series v266.58 WQHL Certified display driver, released in January 2011, which claims support for notebooks using Quardro FX 570M graphics.


The Nvidia download site is found here:


I selected from the Nvidia Menu:


Quadro , then

Quadro FX Series (notebooks) , then

Quardro FX 570M , then

Quardro Graphics Driver , (from a choice of 5 different drivers for different scenarios), then

Windows XP , then

English , then



Anyone tried this driver setup yet?



Two (I used to have Five) - T61p 15.4" WS T9300 2.5Ghz units, August 08/08 Builds with FX570M Nvidia Graphics; ... One W520 i7-2860QM w/2000M Nvidia Graphics (most recent acquisition and stupidly fast); .... One - T42 4:3 15" Flexview 1.8GHz with ATI Graphics (still perfect for traveling); ... Two - T500 15.4" units both with ATI HD3650 Graphics.
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Re: Latest Release 265 Series Nvidia Drivers for Lenovo T61p?

My advice is proceed with caution. Latest drivers aren't always the best option. I'd also read the release notes and see what was done to them. Driver updates are often issued for non-issues and won't make any difference. Here is an example of a ficticous update reason.


Bugfix: driver cause BSOD crash on dell XPS model XXX to YYY when entering hibernation


Such an update would never be picked up by Lenovo because it won't matter to any lenovo computer, and if you constantly update to the latest drivers, you're not avoiding problems, your making yourself little more then a beta tester running new code that could turn out to be unstable.


My motto is...    if it's not broke, don't fix it!!!

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