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Lenovo Bluetooth Mouse: failure to be recognized by Lenovo T61

2009-08-29, 3:32 AM

I have two T61s running Vista Business 32 bit. One is at Vista SP2 and the other at SP1. As of 27 August 2009.the Lenovo BT mouse failed to be recognized. on the SP1 machine.


All  drivers within Device manager have been checked to be at the most recent available., i.e. Bluetooth Radios, Human Interface Devices, Network Adaptors, Mice and Other Pointers. 


The SP1 laptop's mouse is recognized by the SP2 laptop and is usable. The SP2 recognises the SP1 Laptop when positioned closeby. So therefore SP1 bluetooth capability is functioning in the mouse and in the SP1 laptop, but the SP1 laptop wil not recognize  either the Lenovo SP1 mouse or for that matter the Lenovo SP2 mouse.


All Lenovo updates and Window updates have been performed on both machines.The SP1 laptop will not upgrade to SP2., but this is not believed to be the cause of this problem, as the mouse functioned correctly for several days after attempting the SP2 upgrade.


I have run Lenovo Sytem Tool Box on the SP2 to see if there are issues. Lenovo Backup is a  'not been performed  for 100 days' "problem". And there is an L2CAP possible problem, which seems not to affect Bluetooth mouse function. When Bluetooth devices are tested with Lenovo System Tool Box and in normal use there is no problem.


 I am about to run Lenovo Sytem Tool Box on the SP1 Laptop test to determine if there are any detectable problems....but it's getting late, and 10 hours of exploration has been very frustrating....more tomorrow. Hopefully something will present itself to provide a solution.


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Re: Lenovo Bluetooth Mouse: failure to be recognized by Lenovo T61

2009-08-30, 16:25 PM

Bluetooth issues can be caused by a myriad of permutations and if you're adventurous of affliced with obsessive compulsive disorder you may continue to flip ever possible combination of settings and finsih in about the same amount of time that thousands of scientists around the world took to map the human DNA strand.




From reading your description, ensure you're actually  resetting the mouse after you successfully verified the BT mouse worked with Vista SP2. The manufacturers of BT devices are bombarded with worthy albeit annoying consumer complaints of why their BT peripherals have to be repaired with systems if offline or offline too long. The manufacturers have reacted by defaulting their devices into stickier mode so in your case...you may have actually fixed the issue but the BT mouse hasn't fully disconnected from the VISTA SP2 even if Vista says so (..you're trusing Microsoft to give an accurate reading???) and just disabling the BT adapter on your working vistaSp2 box hasn't necessarily disengaged the BT mouse from  groping for its old partner.

Find the instructions included with the mouse to fully break device pairing since BT devices can still be sticky even with dropped batteries since a small flash ram chip is enough for a $40 BT mouse to remember partners and avoid your SP1 box.


The next best practice, ...try BT connectivity with the native Windows utility and without  OEM software such as the BT application package that is around 80+MB, those utilities are useful but introduce new variables and the assumption a Lenovo Mouse / Made For Lenovo Mouse will automatically be compatible with Every Lenovo system.....running Vista ????


The Toshiba BT utiltiies are even worse.


Look at that task objectively and you may realize with so many variables and while using a reputedly buggy operating system.... you'd have better luck trading currency swaps against petroleum futures than trying to line up what you're doing with any expectation of reliability.

Don't just sit there, take a second and use the Kudo's button to compliment the people who help you.
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