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Lenovo T61 palmrest , want to change it with T400 palmrest!

Hello thinkpad users .As seen in the title this is the operation that i`m willing to make on my new t61 laptop .I heard that this kind of change could be made without problem .

But i have 2-3 questions.If i change the palmrest do i have to buy a new touchpad chip ,or is it possible to use the t61 old touchpad component (the thing under the plastic   palmrest ) with the new t400 palmrest !?

My laptop came with a finger print reader module.Surely i have to buy the new palmrest with  fp intergrated  on it ,but same, could i use the old fp module ,or i have to buy a new one special for this t400 palmrest .To be more precise do i have to buy the palmrest only with the hole for the fp reader ,or with the fp reader module integrated !?

Hope i made myself clear .best regards,

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Re: Lenovo T61 palmrest , want to change it with T400 palmrest!

I could be wrong, but I don't think this is possible. I just built a T400 and I was hoping that the plastics were the same as the smaller 14.1" T61, but they were not. I didn't specifically try to swap the palmrests, but everything else is different so I don't think the would exchange. 


Also, the touchpad and FPR are part of the palmrest on both model. You can remove the touchpad, but they are usually replaced together.

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Re: Lenovo T61 palmrest , want to change it with T400 palmrest!

They almost fit. One of the stand-offs (screw fittings) on the T61 is longer so if you put a T61 palmrest onto a T400, the palmrest will always have a bulge. If you swap the other way, you will crack it.

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